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Pogonophobia  – Fear of Beards Phobia

Pogonophobia – Fear of Beards Phobia

Pogonophobia is the unreasonable, industrious, and regularly unjustifiable feeling of phobia toward stubbles. The word is gotten from Greek pogon (facial hair) and Phobos (phobia).

What is Pogonophobia?

Anxiety toward Beards Phobia is called Pogonophobia.

Moms frequently caution their girls to “never entrust a man with facial hair growth or beard growth except if he is Santa Claus”. In the United States, there has not been a president with facial hair growth since the 1800s.

The feeling of phobia toward facial hair or beard growth on others can make a lot of uneasiness a Pogonophobia. This can seriously influence his/her wellbeing and mental prosperity. This fear is known to influence a huge number of individuals around the world.

Pogonophobia might be caused attributable to an assortment of reasons.

Sooner or later, there may have been a negative or horrible mishap in the victim’s past connected with men with stubbles. The oblivious psyche then, at that point, makes the phobic reaction as a defensive system.

Beard growth is frequently considered to be an indication of toughness. The ‘messy unshaved’ look is related to disease, disaster, or vagrants and so on Phobics will quite often consider whiskery men “as coming from unhygienic spots or not approaching materials for cleaning and shaving”.

Generalizations about unshaven men not being dependable, harmless TV shows or books portraying injury brought about by whiskery people can likewise trigger Pogonophobia.

Post 9/11 the feeling of phobia toward stubble’s fear expanded as the culprits of the demonstration were a hairy gathering of over-the-top zealots.

A few societies and strict precepts power men to keep beard growth. In Western nations, however, facial hair is viewed as outdated.

The western depiction of Jesus is generally without a facial hair growth however most compositions of Da Vinci, including “The Last Supper”, show Him with facial hair growth.

While the feeling of phobia toward stubble’s fear can influence all sexes and ages, it is generally ladies who are known to turn into “awkward” around men with whiskers.

A review shows that most ladies wouldn’t fret a touch of stubble or “five o’clock shadow”, however, undeniable facial hair growth was a ‘switch off’ for 9 out of 10 ladies who took an interest in the study.

In America, the most renowned hairy president was Abraham Lincoln. In any case, a greater part of the political up-and-comers, individuals from Congress or presidents today are known to lean toward the clean-cut look as it “assists them with procuring the confidence in the personalities of their electors”.

Side effects of Pogonophobia

Individuals living with Pogonophobia need to address a genuine cost as far as their well-being, vocations, and social connections.

The issue essentially impacts their satisfaction as the victims experience various indications dependent fair and square of their phobia. These include:

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  • Windedness or hyperventilating around hairy men
  • Unpredictable heartbeat/palpitations
  • Perspiring, shuddering
  • Feeling restless, sickened
  • Having an all-out uneasiness/fit of anxiety

Working people might confront numerous monetary effects because of Pogonophobia. The way that they live with phobia means they can’t give the best in their vocation.

They can’t focus around unshaven associates/managers, because of which they may need to pass advancements, valuable open doors, or even experience the ill effects of lackluster showings or grades.

Indeed; research has shown that numerous social or explicit fears like Pogonophobia can cost people a huge number of dollars in a lifetime.

Conquering the fear of stubbles

Specialists frequently recommend hostile to uneasiness meds for Pogonophobia, nonetheless, these don’t fix the fear; rather they can briefly stifle the tension indications.

Talk treatment and Psychotherapy are one’s smartest choices in surviving and treating the apprehension about stubbles.

It is fundamental to instruct oneself concerning why a few men wear stubbles and it may assist with reminding one not to get impacted by cliché thoughts about whiskers and that not all hairy people are shrewd or destructive.

Different treatments for defeating Pogonophobia incorporate Hypnotherapy, NLP treatment, and CBT which should be done under the direction of an accomplished specialist.

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